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Forensic Interviews

The number one priority of Children’s Protection Center is the child and our interviewers are trained in the ChildFirst protocol. The center’s forensic interviewers work closely with investigators and are trained in a wide spectrum of areas related to childhood development, sexual abuse dynamics and other pertinent issues. By adhering to the ChildFirst principle, we avoid multiple interviews with the child, we reduce fear, trauma and stress and we generate potential evidence that is important in an investigation and possible prosecution.

Forensic interviews are conducted to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Research tells us that an investigation of abuse often re-traumatizes a child. At CPC we are committed to reduce this trauma as much as possible. Children are never forced to talk. The interview is digitally recorded so that it may be used in the investigation and reduces the number of times a child is asked about the abuse.

CPC also allows trained investigators on ChildFirst to conduct their own interviews.

CPC works with the following Pulaski County investigative agencies:

  • Arkansas State Police (CACD)
  • Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)
  • Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department
  • Little Rock Police Department
  • Maumelle Police Department
  • Jacksonville Police Department
  • Sherwood Police Department 

Family Advocacy and Support

The process of recovery begins when a child discloses abuse. The road to recovery is often difficult and can seem overwhelming for the child’s loved ones and CPC’s Family Advocate is available to help your child and your family.

Advocacy involves an endless list of resources and services that can fit the family’s individual needs and make recovery less difficult. While the child is being interviewed by our forensic interviewer, the Family Advocate sits down with the family in a private setting and discusses individual needs and helps the family create a plan of action. After the visit to CPC, the Family Advocate follows up with the family to inquire about any progress, concerns, questions or other needs. CPC is always available, so please feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you.

The Family Advocate maintains a relationship with the family and the child while providing assistance throughout the investigation and court preparation.  Here is a list of services we can help you access:

  • Legal Aid (free or reduced)
  • Shelter
  • Food pantries
  • Clothing
  • Victim reparations
  • Career assistance
  • Counseling (individual and family)
  • Mediation
  • Latino services
  • Protection Visas (via referral for immigrant victim of crimes)
  • Information on abuse and Family Violence
  • Group Therapy/Support Group

Mental Health Services

Without effective therapeutic intervention, many child victims of abuse will suffer on-going or long term consequences. Our team’s response to allegations of abuse include access to trauma assessments, crisis intervention and longer-term specialized treatment for all child victims and their non-offending family members. Therapy services are offered free of charge to families at CPC and our advocates schedule appointments with our mental health providers. When needed, children may be referred to outside therapists in our community. Trauma assessments and crisis intervention often takes place during the child’s first visit to our center. Group therapy is offered to child victims as well. Family advocates and our mental health providers work together to facilitate the Support Groups, which focus on self-esteem, making good choices, and body safety. Parent Support Groups are available, as well.

Medical Services

Sometimes children who come to CPC will need to have a specialized medical evaluation. The purpose of the medical evaluation is to help ensure the health and safety of children, to diagnose and address any medical conditions resulting from abuse, to collect important evidence that may associated with abuse and to reassure children and their caregivers. These specialized exams are offered at no cost to families and are conducted at CPC by pediatric health care providers with child abuse expertise. Exams are only available to children who are involved in a child abuse investigation. Because CPC does not offer the medical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, children who need immediate medical evaluations are treated in hospital emergency rooms.


Education and Outreach

CPC works with local groups through speaking engagements and special events to raise awareness about child abuse and the strong role the community plays in intervention and prevention. We offer many training opportunities for children and those who work with children. All trainings are offered at no cost.